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Frequently Asked Questions????​

1.  Do you accept credit cards?
 Each stylist run there on individual businesses.  Most of our stylist at this time, accepts visa/master debit cards.  Please check with your stylist of choice to see if they accept credit card payments.  
2. How do I pick the stylist for me?
Each stylist has links to there personal social media sites, review stylist pictures and book with your stylist of choice. I only hire quality stylist or stylist that are  being trained until they reach my standards.
3.  I dont know what style to get, what should I do?
No problem, book to come in for a consultation with one of our stylist.  Or send your pictures and question to  Now of days its easy to view styles online start with searching for styles that you do like, then try it.  Hair styling is all about creating the look you want! 
4.  How to book appointment and do you take walk-ins?    We take pride in not having long waiting times for our clients  please book with your stylist of choice online by clicking  stylist/book appt. tab on top of page.  Click on your stylist of choice and click on their picture or the button  (book with (stylist name)).  Each stylist provide different services, if what you want is not listed on that stylist booking page that means they do not offer that service.  If you need help picking a stylist for your particular service feel free to call salon or email us with questions.  
We only take walk ins if schedule allows.  Most stylist take off on Sunday-Tuesday so its best to make appointment in advance if you need to be services on those days.  You are welcome to come Wednesday-Saturday during the business hours as a walk in but please note..... All appointments will be serviced first!  (We advise you make a appt. to avoid waiting or not being serviced.)
5.What is the pricing for each service? Each stylist operates their own business within the premises of Impress Braids Locs and Naturals, check your stylist webpage or speak with them directly for pricing.  We do have a base price standard among each stylist.
6.  I went to the stylist page to book but i don't know what to book under?  For some customers online booking can be confusing, its best to make sure you read the detailed description of service.  If your stylist booking site does not offer a description and you are not familiar with the terms used please google or use the stylist media pages to get some examples.  Most styles fall within the basic time frame within the same techniques.  If you are still confused send a picture to your stylist of choice or visit salon for consultation. The basic rule of online booking is what is states as the service is exactly what you will receive. If you are confused please do not book under a slot without contacting salon to avoid a possible cancellation of service if time does not allow. Online booking is specially timed for each individual service to avoid long delays and overbooking  please book accordingly.  
6. Where are you located?  The shop address is 908 Bacons Bridge Road Suite 6 Summerville SC 29483.  We are located in Palmetto  Plaza next to Mircales Barbershop, next to Dollar General.  Sometimes the gps takes clients behind the salon, its best to mapquest 
Pizza Hut,or Dollar General on Bacons Bridge Road.  
7.  Can you service special need clients? Yes, the salon location is great to access clients with wheelchairs, or etc.  We have booths and chairs that can accomadate clients.  When booking just notify your stylist of choice if there is anything in particular you require in advanced.
8. I'm getting loc repair/loc exetensions what hair should I get?  We use Human Afro Kinky bulk, Vivica Fox brand or any similar brand.  For basic loc repair at least one pack is needed, for a full head loc repair at least two packs needed, for a full head loc extension 5 or more packs needed(please get consultation for loc extension below shoulder length).  Hair can be purchase at Beauty Depot the corner of Ashley Phosphate and Dorchester, or Sunny's Beauty the corner of Ladson and Hwy 78, or it can be purchased online.  DO NOT BOOK APPOINTMENT UNTIL HAIR IS PURCHASED!
9. I am getting braids and the stylist asked for pre-stretched braiding hair , What is it and why do the salon use this type of braiding hair?  At Impress Naturals we take pride in giving you quality work.  With pre-stretched braiding hair it will save you time on the stylist prepping hair , it is great for tamming frizz and itchy scalp.  It is also great for clients that are allergic to regular braiding hair.  We  are working towards having hair available in salon but at this time it can be purchased at Beauty Supply across the street from salon(New York Beauty Supply). Most cornrow styles require 3-5 packs and braiding styles 7-10 packs but ask your stylist of choice on amount needed for your desired style.  Hair comes in different lengths from 30 to 60 inches (Use 30 inches for bob or short styles 40-50 inches for midback and 60 inch for below midback.  We prefer the Queen B Brand but if store does not have it in your color or length use Formation or Ez Braid Brands.
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